AXB032 -- Bluetooth Low Energy Module with CSR1010



The AXB032 Bluetooth module, which built in a CSR1010 Bluetooth chip, is a single mode μ-Energy platform device. μ-Energy enables ultra low-power connectivity and basic data transfer for applications previously limited by the power consumption, size constraints and complexity of other wireless standards.

The AXB032 Bluetooth module complies with Bluetooth specification version 4.0/4.1. It supports profiles for health and fitness sensors, watches, keyboards, mice and remote controls. It integrates RF, Baseband controller etc. And it also provides UART interface, programmable I/O, etc. 



  • Small overall dimension(11mm x 11 mm x 2mm)
  • Bluetooth Specification V4.0/V4.1 LE (Low Energy)
  • Integrated switch-mode power supply
  • Maximum 50 meters operating range
  • Physical connection as SMD type
  • 128KB Memory; 64KB RAM and 64KB ROM
  • 12 Digital PIOs and 3 analogue AIOs
  • 32KHz and 16MHz crystal or system clock
  • Security including AES-128 Encryption
  • Wake-up interrupt and watchdog timer
  • I²C and SPI peripherals
  • 4 PWMs
  • Stack including ATT, GATT, L2CAP, SM

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